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Mentorship Available

Vibrational Medicine, Wholistic Energy Medicine is an Alternative Resource to Standard Medical Practices. It Supports the Clearing of Pain, Dis-ease, Dis-comfort, Distortion, and Suffering with Gentle, Natural, Non-Invasive Practices. It Assists with Restoring Balance to Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Energetic Bodies. It is Highly Effective in providing Relief or Remedy for that which Standard Medical Interventions have been deemed Inappropriate or Ineffective.

Tuning IN to the God•dess Channel

Quantum Medicine Clearing, Opening, Activation and Regeneration

Kundalini Fire Reiki Attunements

Guided Meditation

Shamanic Journey Soul Retrieval and Past Life Healing

Crystalline Plasma Love.Light Therapy

Reiki Master Kundalini Fire Attunements

Blue Ray Healer Galactic Star Family Activations

Light Language Activations Open your Divine Voice and Channel of Light. Toning, Frequency, and Sound Resonance can be utilized to reach an immediate state of Peace, Release, and Regeneration on a Cellular Level

Belief Work And Conscious Language Negative Thought Form Release and Reprogramming

Mentorship for Energy Medicine Practitioners (ALL AGES). Usui Reiki Level I, II Training (Certification Package $777)

Hospice and Grief Ritual End of Life Ceremony Conduit, Channel, Bridge for the Human Transitioning from the Vessel to Infinite Formlessness and a Beyond

Dena is an Intuitive God.dess Guide and Master Healer. She has a Background of 20 years in Healthcare Management, and Integrates Wholistic Nursing with a vast spectrum of Vibrational Medicine Modalities. She Serves as a Divine Lover and Activator, Supporting Spiritual Awakening, Ascension Symptoms, the Journey to Wholeness, Authentic Creative Expression, Love Unity Consciousness, and the Release of ALL Forms of Suffering.

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