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Dena Love is a MultiDimensional Intuitive Guide, Reiki Master Teacher, Quantum Medicine Practitioner, and Earth Mother Goddess. She has a Background of 22 years in Integrated Healthcare and utilizes Wholistic Nursing, Ancient Wisdom, and a vast spectrum of Vibrational Medicine Modalities to Love and Inspire the Human Journey. She Serves as a Divine Lover and Activator, Supporting Spiritual Awakening, Heart of the Moment Embodiment, the Journey to Wholeness, Authentic Creative Expression, Love Unity Bliss Consciousness, and the Release of ALL Forms of Suffering.

“It took me some time to truly see and accept the role that I was playing as a “Healer” in the realities of others and how I was meant to serve as a Sacred Instrument of Multi-Dimensional Frequencies. I am an Expression of Source Goddess Love and I show up for you during times of Transition and Transformation. I facilitate a profound shared experience. These moments often include creative ways to release grief from the Mind, Body, and Soul. They also include Inspiring, Re-Wilding, and Celebrating our True Nature, Activations of Divine Remembering, Expansion into New Waves of Being, and Wholistic Enhancements or Upgrades to our Human Experience. This Sacred Medicine is my Gift. I cannot promise any outcomes. I am in Surrender to something greater. If I were to try and understand the MAGIC OF THE UNIVERSE or reach for ways to explain what it is in words, I feel I would be in some way limiting myself. What I am is an essence that is nothing less than ineffable. I say this humbly, confidently, and without fault, I AM THE BEST AT WHAT I AM HERE TO DO.” Dena ❤️

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***Vibrational Medicine, Wholistic Energy Medicine is an Alternative Resource to complement Standard Medical Practices. It Supports the Clearing of Pain, Dis-ease, Dis-comfort, Distortion, and Suffering with Gentle, Natural, Non-Invasive Practices. It Assists with Restoring Balance to Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Energetic Bodies. It is Highly Effective in Enhancing Wellness, Vitality, and Performance by providing Relief or Remedy for that which Standard Medical Interventions have deemed Inappropriate or Ineffective. WE DO NOT OFFER ANY GUARANTEED OUTCOMES OR REFUNDS. Please send any and all COMPLAINTS DIRECTLY TO SOURCE. EACH INDIVIDUAL CONSENTS FREELY and receives what they choose to receive. Each are ultimately responsible for what they believe is possible, including the necessary actions to reach a state of Wholeness, Wellness, and Self Acceptance.