One Heart Awakening is a Portal to Source Goddess Consciousness. A Path to Divine Remembering. A Living Frequency that Exists within ALL BEings. A Breath of Life Force. A Creative Expression. A Profound Essence. A Sacred Medicine. A Great Mystery. A Prophecy. A Multi-Dimensional BEing.

Here to Love and Inspire the Human Adventure, We offer Wholistic Experiences from Birth to End of Life and Beyond. Specializing in Soul Family Alchemy Group Guided Retreats, Sacred Ceremonies, Intuitive Somatic Arts, and Divine BluePrint Enhancements. CoCreation, Group Experience, and Intimate Mentorship Opportunities are Available Upon Request. To Claim Your Space, Please Apply within. 

Mission Statement

To Love and Experience this Life

Inspired by Creation

as an Authentic Free Form Expression

of Source 

ME/YOU/WE are ONE Heart

DENA serves as a Beautiful, Ineffable, Expression of Creation; Source Goddess Frequency in Human Form

A Vessel of Light, a Channel of LOVE

Multidimensional Guide

Intuitive Somatic Artist

Reiki Master Teacher

Quantum Medicine Practitioner

Light Language Facilitator

Cosmic Priestess, Ordained

Earth Mother Goddess

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