Welcome to One Heart Awakening!

There is a whisper that resonates from the Sacred Space of the Heart. If you Listen, it will Guide you. Surrender, it will Transform you. It is an Eternal Life Force, the Infinite Source of Love that exists within ALL. Awaken it and return to the remembering of your Divine Wholeness.


One Heart Awakening offers Spiritual and Energetic Wellness Services and Ceremonies that honor your personal Journey.  Release Suffering with the use of Quantum Vibrational Medicine. Activate Conscious Awareness and Divine Remembering to regenerate the Physical Body and restore Balance, Harmony, Creativity, and Bliss.

Expand your Heart Space!

Speak your Truth!

Celebrate your Existence!

Mission Statement

“Breathe deeply, until sweet air extinguishes the burn of fear in your lungs and every breathe is a beautiful refusal to become anything less than Infinite.” (D. Antoinette Foyer)


~Regeneration of Gaia Humanity~


“Who are you?” I asked.

“A reflection in a quiet pond,” she said. “A ray of moonlight on a dark night, as young as the morning dew and as old as the Earth. All things are in me, and I am in all things. Beyond that, Traveler, I cannot say, for my life is as mysterious as yours. The only difference between us, is that I live in the embrace of a Spirit to which you are just Awakening.”

(Dan Millman, The Laws of Spirit)


I AM Dena, Goddess of Divine Love

I AM a vessel of Light, a Channel of Love, dedicated to assisting Humanity in Heart Expansion and Soul Activation

Multidimensional Intuitive Guide

Metaphysical Alchemist

Quantum Medicine Practitioner

Reiki Master Teacher

Spiritual Minister, Ordained

Activator of Consciousness Awakening

Licensed Vocational Nurse

Mom to 5 Beautiful Humans!